2022 Frequently Asked Competition Questions


Question: Although the Court of Appeals opinion doesn't explicitly state that Helping Hands, once it received permanent custody of M.M., managed and oversaw placement of the child in foster care, should we assume that it did?

Answer:  You should assume that Helping Hands bore all of the legal responsibility for M.M. that a permanent custodian would have under the law.


Question: Which virtual platform will the competition use for the oral argument rounds (e.g., Zoom, Webex)?

Answer:  All oral argument rounds will use Zoom as the virtual platform.


Question: Are the Appendices necessary to include in our briefs for full points?  If so, what types of materials must be included (e.g., anything used past normal case law / secondary sources)?

Answer:  I cannot direct you as to whether or not to include an appendix, nor what to include in it. You should refer to Articles Seven and Eight of the Rules to determine what needs to be in the brief and how it will be graded.


 Question: How are the Appendices to be included in the brief?  Are they simply stapled onto the end of the printed copy and sent in, or are they included in the PDF version (or both)?

Answer:  Refer to Article 7, Paragraph 8 as to what is to be included in the electronic and hard copy versions of the brief. This rule should also help you to understand why you do not see appendices in the briefs you consulted.


 Question:  Does the Joint Appendix (the Capitania Court of Appeals opinion, Capitania Supreme Court certification, and included Constitution and statutory materials) need to be included as an Appendix to the brief, or is it unnecessary to include?  I have been citing to the Court of Appeals opinion as the record throughout our brief.  Additionally, I have included all statutes and constitutional provisions provided from the Joint Appendix in our Table of Contents.

Answer: Refer to Article 7 of the Rules for the resources you should consult in order to answer this question.


 Question:  Is a hard copy brief was still required now that the Adoption and Family Law competition is virtual?

Answer:  Yes, a hard copy of the brief is required to be sent as delineated in the rules, postmarked by the brief deadline. There are points that can be deducted related to the hard copy brief if the rules are not followed.